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Tackling the Global Cooling Crisis

In recent times, an alarming trend has come to the fore: rising temperatures accompanied by more frequent extreme heat events and a rise in related mortalities. The newly adopted practice of naming heat waves further highlights the gravity of the looming global cooling crisis.

Over a billion people globally lack proper access to even basic cooling solutions. Cooling systems are crucial formany fundamental economic activities — healthcare, education, and computing, to name a few — but also for food preservation, grid stability, and the health and welfare of society. As our planet continues to warm, the ability to cool our environment is fast becoming a recognized human right.

While the world has invested over $2 trillion in climate transition endeavors including $1 trillion in transport electrification, wind, and solar PV with billions more going to early-stage technologies like green hydrogen and direct air capture. Yet a significant gap remains. Energy-efficient cooling innovations, despite their pressing importance, haven’t attracted the focused attention or investment they deserve from climate-conscious investors.

This is where Sustana Cooling Partners (SCP) fits in:our mission is to bridge this investment void. SCP serves as a nexus for a diverse array of organizations, from development finance institutions and NGOs to climate-centric investors. Our goal isto channel investments efficiently into pioneering cooling companies that offer cost-effective solutions. Our lens is global, but we prioritize the rapidly developing Global South, where the demands are most acute.

Guiding SCP’s vision are industry veterans specializing in climate finance, renewable energy, and sustainable investment: Alan Miller, John Paul Moscarella, and Jonathan Naimon. Together, we aim to usher in a new focus of pragmatic impact investmentaddressing the investment challenges posed by the cooling needs of our evolving climate.


Cooling Access

Many developing nations don't have cooling access

Cooling & Global Goals

Cooling access is essential for achieving multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Emerging Market Growth

Emerging markets will follow China’s growth pattern. Agriculture, Banks, Education, Health, Housing, Industrial Manufacturing, Real Estate all require cooling technology.

Cooling in a Digital Age

Data centers, pivotal for the digital age, necessitate extensive cooling and are among the fastest growing sources of energy demand


Cooling Demand

Cooling demand growth is fastest outside us

The world is approaching a 'cold crunch’.

By 2030, HVAC sales growth outside the US will surge. China is projected to grow HVAC stock by 30%, India by 203% and the rest of the world by 50%.

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