The Cooling & Cold Chain Crisis

The Problem

  • Inadequate Cold Chain & Lack of Cooling Access: the 1+ Billion people with inadequate or no access to cooling
  • Food access depends on agricultural cold chain, cold storage and distribution — food spoilage estimated at over 35% globally
  • Health care equipment & medicines depends on cooling technology for temperature control
  • Communications, education and internet access depend on cooling
  • AC use for space cooling is rising throughout Asia but remains at 10% of households in India
  • Current technology solutions are inefficient and too expensive for much of the world’s population
  • Many current cooling solutions are energy intensive and contribute to GHG emissions
  • Energy intensive cooling solutions increase peak power demand and undercut the energy transition
  • There is minimal dedicated funding for cooling startups, especially in emerging markets
  • New business models for cooling are emerging but need funding for scaleup
  • Prizes have yet to have significant impact on cooling solutions

The Solution

1. Scope: A Venture Capital Impact Fund with a mission to invest specifically in cooling start-ups both in developed countries and in exploding developing markets.

2. Experience & Deal: A Team that has deep experience in clean tech / climate investment, developing markets and has unique access to global cooling tech deal-flow.

3. Funding: Sustana Cooling Partners has access to both public private investors and is building a reserve tranche with public capital to de-risk private investment.


Our Goals

Investment in Cooling Tech in developing nations aligns with multiple U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

End Poverty

Adequate cooling enables households to overcome the economic and social challenges posed by 30C+ temperatures

End Hunger

Cooling enables greater food access and affordability. In Africa, over 30% of produce is lost due to food spoilage.

Ensure Equitable Education

Leaning and cognitive performance decline as temperatures increase.

Ensure Healthy Lives

Cooling & refrigerated transport will improve the quality of care in hospitals and ensure safe transport of vaccines.

Ensure Access to Affordable, Clean Energy

Efficient cooling is vital to the stability of electric grids. If HVAC growth estimates for India prove accurate, the power demand will collapse the electricity grid without more efficient cooling and refrigeration.

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