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Global Heating & Cooling

Market growing projection

2030 Global Projected Total Addressable Market

Precedence Research predicts the market across all verticals to exceed $1.4 Trillion by the year 2030.

2020 Global Total Addressable Market

The heating & cooling market was valued at $1.13 Trillion in 2020

Current U.S. Total Addressable Market

U.S. heating & cooling market across all verticals estimated to be at least 45B


Deal Potential

Cooling investment universe

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What're the barriers to cooling investment in emerging markets?

Extreme heat events are increasing in frequency due to climate change.

Heat-related mortality and illness is growing in developing countries

Sustainable economic development, health, equity and food security goals all require more cooling investment.

Cooling applications are decentralized, cutting across industries, sectors and agencies. Less visible & harder to organize.

Electricity to power cooling applications can overwhelm renewable grids (California and worldwide)

Cooling applications are often components of larger investments (e.g. real estate) and therefore a secondary consideration

The incumbent industry lacks innovation and dynamism, reflecting a lack of independent venture investment, a market ripe for disruption.

Compared to renewables and EVs, few countries provide incentives for innovative cooling solutions.

Countries with the greatest cooling needs (e.g., India) have cultural, commercial, and contractual risks to be managed by the fund.

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